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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 27, 2016, 12:05 AM

UPDATE 31.08.2016

Good news! Apple finally contacted LinQuan Xu and asked him/her to prove they are the owner of the product. If he/she fails to reply their message or prove that he is the sole owner of the product, the app will be deleted and if it’s reported that he has stolen more than one apps, he will be banned for life. =D All of his games are stolen, so I’ll be pushing even harder to get this person off Appstore. Now we wait! >:)

UPDATE 30.08.2016

Thank you everyone for writing bad reviews and giving the thief bad rates. Unfortunately, I still have no good news regarding the issue. Apple is completely ignoring the disclaimer forms I sent. They should have given me a reply in 48 hours, but apparently their revenue from the stolen games of LinQuan Xu is more important to them. Figures. I don't plan on giving up like they are counting on. I'll keep you updated. In the meanwhile, please keep giving bad reviews and bad rates, so that Apple won't be able to ignore it for longer. Thank you so much for your support!

---Stolen Game here---…

THIS IS NOT OKAY! I did not give permission to them. This is a HUGE theft. All of the artwork is stolen from rinmarugames. Please report this game. Please take your time and give bad review/report. If things like this happens, I won’t be able to make more games.

If you stay silent and just download this game and play it, you are saying okay to theft and saying all of our, me and PrinceOfRedroses’, hard work is for nothing. So, I won’t make more games for free if this keeps going. That’s the only way to prevent things like this.

Please do not support thieves who steal from indie. They are called Leyougames.

This is the original game…

This is the theft!…

Edit: I just sent Apple an Appstore Content Dispute form. This person who is called LinQuan Xu has stolen from many other developers. I'm waiting for a reply now.

Thank you!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2016, 4:11 PM

Thank you sooo much for the birthday wishes!!! :hug:

I'm already busy working on new games ;)! See you soon!


New Layout!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 25, 2016, 10:16 AM

Hey everyone!

Did you see the new layout!?


Ascension-chapter 2 by Rinmaru
Ascension-Chapter 1 [Full] by Rinmaru

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Question Answers about Ascension

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 1:52 AM

Hey everyone!

This is going to be a LOOONG post so I’m just warning you.


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Ascension Ch.3. Most of them are the same questions being asked by different people. So I’ll just try to answer everything in this post. Hopefully it will be enough =)!

First of all, thank you so much for all your kind messages! It makes me really happy to see so many people enjoyed chapter.3.

That being said, a few people were disappointed with the ending or the overall story of chapter.3 and all I can say is, Sorry about that.

I’ll try my best to explain why chapter.3 is the way it is.

First of all, when I first started Ascension (as many of you know) I had no intention of making a chapter.2 or 3. I was going to leave it at chapter.1.

Because I wasn’t sure what I was capable of regarding programming or writing a game like that.

I just wrote a story I didn’t think would be liked by this many people.I was only looking for a new challenge and I said, If Ascension is liked, then I can probably start working on Visual novels.

Ascension was actually going to end at chapter.1 with Aida taking the journals from Diego,killing him, learning she is the crown princess and going after Kael. Zander was supposed to be the only romance option and Tillie was going to die or leave Aida and the rest of the team. Faelern was going to appear on chapter.1 and Seena wasn’t even a planned character.

I had no idea that Ascension was going to be liked this much. So when I got a reaction like that, I decided to continue working on it.

But that was another challenge.

First, The artwork.

I’m not satisfied at all. I could add so many beautiful scenes, so many different CGs to the game. But I couldn’t.


1- Flash is not the best program to draw to be honest. I use my dress up game bases most of the time. It’s really annoying. But it has it’s uses.

The expressions are way easier to make on flash. Aida alone as 80+ expressions and it’s very easy to make it happen on flash, not to mention it doesn’t take a lot of time to program it to have different facial emotions every time she says something. If you try to do it on Renpy, (even though I never tried it) It seems to take a little more time.

The downside is, the face always have to look right into the camera which makes it hard to have different body poses.

2- I come from a Fine Arts High school (Pretty much like Hogwarts but with crazier people) but I have never been that into drawing. O_o In my school’s last year I stopped drawing and talked with my teachers about it. I said I didn’t want to go to a fine arts university, I didn’t want to become an artist and they agreed to leave me alone on that condition. (Don’t kill me, It was a tough time for me) So if you don’t draw anything for a long time, your hand sort of forgets everything about drawing. You need practice and I have to admit I didn’t practice for a very long time. So I kinda suck at drawing different poses and stuff. Lately I started practice and I’m taking it back. Slowly…very slowly. *shoots self* I shouldn’t have stopped practicing but like I said, It was a tough time for me, identity wise.

Second, The technical difficulties.

Because the game is an online flash game, it has a loading time, naturally. This loading time increases with the size of the game file. That means the longer the game is, the longer the loading time will be. It’s annoying to be honest. For that reason, I decided to seperate them into chapters. But the worst part of this seperation is, you can’t keep your save files from the previous chapters. So whatever you do on chapter.1, won’t effect chapter.2 or chapter.3…Which is a terrible thing for continuing stories in my opinion. For example saving a certain someone on chapter.1, to have that certain someone help you when you need on chapter.3 is my dream. But because of the program I am using to code/make the game it’s impossible and it’s really frustrating.

Not to mention that with each chapter, I want to improve and everytime I improve I meet a dead end like this.

On chapter.3 until the end, there are a lot of side quests, if I decided to cut it into two different chapters, those side quests were going to mean nothing.

So whatever I do, The ending of the game was going to be static. It was only going to be effected by the decisions you make on chapter.3.

Now I could make different/longer/better endings but by the time I started working on the last scenes on Adeshia, the game file was already 42 mb.

That is A LOT for an online flash game. I had to cut it short, I had to take out more than 10 scenes, especially with Kael and the last fight  and it’s not just frustrating for me,it’s annoying and it really pissed me off.(Not to mention that I had a dead line and my food poisoning and the sudden death of my SSD didn’t help with the deadline at all)

So I said, “oh what the hell, I’m just gonna release it like this.”

Not because I’m tired or because I don’t want to work on Ascension anymore.

But because I’ve decided to leave Flash behind. I won’t be making online flash games anymore because I’m tired of seeing a dead end everytime I try something different or improve.

I decided that Ascension turned into something I want to work on for a long time and for that end, I’ll have to learn to use another program. Other than Flash.

At first I thought I could start learning C++ but that programming language is no joke and it takes years to learn it. Not to mention my goal is not to become a game programmer but a game director.

So I found this program called Renpy which is a Visual Novel engine but at it’s core it’s a program that uses python. Another programming language that is used for making games. With enough research and a combination of several other engines inside Renpy, I think I can manage to create a game without a buggy save function, “keeping the save files for the next chapter” and without an enormous loading time since the games you create using it are installable.

So, the reason why chapter.3 ending is rushed, is not because this is the ending of Ascension. It’s because it’s the beginning of a new chapter.Leaving some things behind for improvement.

I don’t make games to earn a lot of money or recognition. I want to make games to have a future where girls won’t have to feel grateful for a game with a strong female main character. A future where when the movie of a video game with gender options choose the “male” main as their lead and say “that goes without saying”. It feels silly to say things like this because I know I’m only a beginner. I don’t know more than half of the things I should know about the industry. But I want to know. I want to learn. So If I mess up, forgive me. I’ll try to do better next time.

Now on to the questions;

When is Ascension couple creator being updated?

I just finished Chapter.4, gee. I’ll start as soon as I’m done resting/manga creator page.9 and the new game we were working on with P.O.R.R.

Will there be a chapter.4?

Yes, there will be a chapter.4.

Will Aida be the main character for chapter.4?

No. Aida won’t be the main character for chapter.4.

Will we see team “Ileth” again?

Yes, you will see them, as well as Aida but they won’t be your companions.

Who is the main character of chapter.4?

You. Unless you are a guy who wants to play as a guy. (sucks right?)

Will there be same sex romance option?

Yes, there will be same sex romance options.

Who is the seer?

Who knows!?

When is chapter.4 coming?

Heh. You will have to wait. >.< Sorry…It might take a long time.

Any information about chapter.4?

Yes. I don’t know what I’m capable of using renpy so I can only say what I want to do.

I want the game to have a full character customization option.Skin colors,hair colors,eye colors.

I want the game to have a skill point system.

I want the game to have a reputation system.

I want the game to have a practical armor system.

I want the game to have non-super model people.

I want the game to have original music which you can download from somewhere.

I want the game to have different starting stories. Example: A moon elf character will start on Ildis while a Valondian character will start on Northcliff.

I want the game to have expension packs, chapters, fan service mini stories.

I want to add Appletown somewhere. The Appletown story is pretty fun.

I want to release the game in English,Spanish,Chinese and Russian.

I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be able to do. But I’m gonna try my best!

It will most probably take more than a year. (bad news I know)

And it won’t be released on

I’m currently working on something about my real life. Depending on what happens or when it happens, I’ll create a new website for visual novels/point & click/Otome games. I can’t give you an exact date yet but one way or another, it’ll happen.

Now I’ll go rest for a bit. My b-day is tomorrow and I really need to take some time off for my b-day at least. >.<; I also need to see a few friends, I promised to see as soon as I’m done with chapter.3.

See you soon and love you lots!


Ascension-chapter 2 by Rinmaru
Ascension-Chapter 1 [Full] by Rinmaru

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